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What We Offer As A Service Provider:

U-CAN Drive, is a driver evaluation/ Assessment provider.

Using the Impirica software and certified evaluators we provide a more accurate assessment of cognitive driving abilities and reaction time during driving. The evaluation consists of an in-office portion on an IPAD, followed by an in-vehicle driving evaluation on a specifically-designed route with a certified evaluator. The evaluation takes approximately 2 hours.


Other Commercial Fleets


Sheila’s business is to perform cognitive abilities assessment evaluations to help fleet companies and medical doctors with the information they need to determine if an individual is ‘fit’ to drive.

Driver assessments are commonly used to assess a driver’s skills prior to hire or at any time to determine and assess their driving ability. The assessments are used by doctors and commercial fleet companies.

Driving is a complex task. A person’s ability to drive safely can be impacted by many things such as medications, medical conditions, stroke, brain injury, dementia, diabetes and concussion.

Sheila has been in the trucking industry as both a driver and trainer/ evaluator, over the span of the last 28 years. In the last 10 years, she has focused on in-car training as a contractor. Three years ago, she was approached to become certified as a Impirica Evaluator which allows her to complete driver fitness assessments.

This certification has opened up new opportunities for her to expand her business and see an opportunity to service commercial fleet companies. This allows her a new revenue generating opportunity in an industry that she has been a part of for 30 years.

Her primary offering

On-road evaluators on a standardized road course Using the Impirica software, she is able to provide an evaluation method that is not readily captured during traditional driver training modules, Sheila is able to provide her customers with an objective assessment of a driver, as well offer an evaluation with recommended training if required.

What makes the software so valuable is that the software has embedded algorithms that capture aspects of abilities that normally are not easily assessed. Impirica develops impairment testing technologies and offers impairment risk assessments that Sheila can provide to a multitude of decision makers.


Medical Evaluations

We also provide medical evaluations for Dr’s and Class 5 drivers for several years, we now are expanding to evaluations for commercial companies.

With soaring insurance costs, our service helps your organization to make more knowledgeable decisions. The algorithms from Impirica have been formulated since the 1990’s by experts, designed to do exactly this. From fleet check-ups, post-accident, pre hire, return to work, and medical fitness requests from doctors, U-Can Drive is here to serve all your organizational driving requirements.

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How To

Set Your Driver Up For A Doctor-Requested Evaluation

Put your driver at ease:

  • Explain to them the reason for the evaluation.
  • Letting them know what they will be doing during their appointment will go a long way to help relax them.

Once U-Can Drive has the doctor’s referral we will contact the driver within a few days.

Results are then provided to the Physician by a secured manner. The complete report will be mailed to the patient for their own files and decisions.

The doctor will use the results to help you make employment decisions and will submit the finding to the provincial authorities if required.

The fee for the evaluation is due at the time of booking, plus GST. Note a no show/late cancellation fee will apply.

Core Commercial On-Road Evaluations


Fleet rates are available.
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E-transfers to busynessonthego@gmail.com

  • The evaluator guides the driver through a road course.
  • The evaluator records errors as they occur.
  • Errors are standardized and coded for ease of recording.
  • The evaluator is mindful and is ready to intervene should a hazardous situation arise.
  • We offer a full evaluation printout report to give you peace of mind on your hiring decisions.
  • Trainable errors are differentiated from competence defining errors.
  • Competence defining errors are generally more hazardous and are more common to drivers who are experiencing skill deficits that relate to medical impairment. 
  • There is a potential that these errors may not be remediated by training alone.
  • All Evaluators are specially trained by the software developer to administer the CORE system.
  • The testing environment is consistent for all drivers.
  • The road course is designed by the software developer to identify specific types of errors.


Feedback, coaching, and mentoring are not provided to the driver during assessment.
Feedback and results will be provided post-assessment in accordance with your established internal procedures.

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